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    HybridSun95 schrieb:
    To our fans. A couple months ago we were booked on a big metal festival in Germany for this upcoming Summer by our booking agent that included some cool bands and also some very good friends of ours. There was also a German band on the show that we never heard of called Böhse Onkelz. We did not know anything about this band before being booked on this festival.
    We woke up today to many emails and messages from our music family in Europe informing us that this is NOT a show that we should be playing. We would like to let our fans know that Ignite is NOT playing this concert. We are canceling with the concert promoter today.

    Thank you Ignite

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    Bravo! Hoffentlich sagen alle anderen bands (mit ausnahme dieses tox-packs) auch noch ab.

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    Morgen dann

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    Wo ist mein hausschlüssel?

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    Icke zacke icke zack hey hey hey