BoomTown 2017

BoomTown 2017

10.08.2017 - 13.08.2017Noch 200 Tage
Hampshire ()
Hampshire  Großbritannien
(25.4K going)

BoomTown ist ein Indie, Rock, Pop, Punk und Electronic Festival, das vom 10.08.2017 bis 13.08.2017 in Hampshire in der Nähe von Southhampton und London (GB) stattfindet. Es werden ca. 45.000 Fans erwartet.

The Specials ist als Top-Act bestätigt.

BoomTown’s rapid growth since its inception in 2009 has seen it become one of the top 10 largest festivals in the UK and the only independent one of its size! With it's sprawling metropolis providing a temporary haven of hidden surprises, pulsating music and immersive audio-visuals to allow each of its thousands of citizens to go on an ultimate voyage of discovery within the labyrinth-esque streets. With a soundtrack of ska, folk, gypsy, reggae, world, punk, pirate, disco, electro-swing, jazz, blue-grass, breaks, bass, jungle, techno and a whole lot more!

BoomTown 2017 Line Up

The Specials
History:2015 2016

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Hampshire (GB)

in der Nähe von Southhampton und London

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BoomTown 2017 vom 10.08.2017 - 13.08.2017 in Hampshire (GB) u.a. mit The Specials. Tickets GBP 202,00